The Goal

A Gainesville document imaging firm, Micrographics, Inc. contacted Baseline Systems because its support requirements were not being met by their current IT support provider. The company was not getting timely responses to support requests, felt that the work being done was substandard, and therefore lacked confidence in their network.

The Challenge

Baseline Systems performed a complete network evaluation of their network uncovering many items in need of attention including: missed backups, unpatched servers and workstations, expired anti-virus software, email inboxes overrun with spam, security vulnerabilities, and many others.

The Solution

Working within their budget and resources, Baseline Systems corrected these issues and then implemented our proactive Managed IT Serives to continually monitor their network while providing the staff access to unlimited IT support. A VM based backup solution stores backups locally and replicates a copy to our datacenter.

The Result

The company now receives timely responses to their support requests, and has a stable and reliable network.