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Building and maintaining optimal IT systems is greatly enhanced by the outside expertise and perspective of an IT consulting firm. As IT consultants, the Baseline team will appraise and identify the best hardware, software, and technology solutions for your business’ unique needs, while planning for growth. Our IT consulting services and insights lead your company through the challenges of streamlining unnecessary hardware and systems, while delivering optimal, secure technology solutions to your organization.

Our unique blend of technical expertise, perspective, and solid implementation methodology, coupled with our propensity for innovation, sets us apart from other IT consulting firms. Our IT consulting perspective includes a keen focus on risk management, optimization, knowledge transfer, and the consideration of appropriate sourcing options. Baseline Systems’ rational IT consulting approach enables an innovative use of technology that provides your company with a powerful competitive advantage.

Our Approach to IT Consulting

When Baseline Systems consults for your business, our experts follow core principles to ensure project success.

As IT consultants, we:

  • Align technology recommendations with business objectives
  • Look for ways to optimize the existing systems that can compliment new systems
  • Consider security and risk management while balancing the end users’ experience
  • Create processes and procedures that will streamline business functions and create employee efficiencies
  • Focus on knowledge transfer and detailed documentation to empower your staff

Our business IT consulting process begins with a careful review of your current IT infrastructure to identify the legacy systems that are no longer necessary and potentially causing issues. By reducing the amount of unnecessary hardware and equipment, there is a reduced risk of downtime and strain on your network. Our comprehensive computer consulting services also includes a review of existing systems, software, and applications.

Next, our business IT consulting team optimizes the existing, beneficial technology already in place and ensures that it will work well with any new hardware, software, or equipment that we introduce. We fully manage the migration, as older systems are replaced. Our business IT consulting team also streamlines communication and process flow, automating business processes and simplifying collaboration. Once in place, we install the tools necessary to monitor the updated infrastructure. Our small business IT consulting team then assesses and makes any necessary improvements to risk management and security procedures through network reporting, of which you receive a copy.

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