IT Support for Marketing & PR Agencies

Media-specific businesses, such as marketing, advertising, PR, communications, and graphic design firms, rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to successfully meet deadlines and complete projects. Obtaining and retaining clients in these highly competitive industries requires firms to have a strategic IT partner, as well as a robust IT infrastructure that will keep them on top of deadlines and projects. We understand that revenue is generated as a result of communication and on-time deliverables.

Baseline Systems Addresses Industry-Wide Concerns Such As:

  • Backing up and securing large files and projects
  • Keeping design and project software updated and current
  • Maintaining a detailed client database
  • Ensuring that files are well-organized and easy to find

Our Customized IT Solutions Include:

  • Delivering large files to clients in a user-friendly, professional way
  • Collaborating with clients and other offices through video conferencing
  • Centralizing media data storage for easy access
  • Ensuring Internet bandwidth meets your infrastructure requirements
  • Hosting websites and email accounts
  • Archiving emails to keep inboxes operating efficiently
  • Giving remote employees the access they need.
  • Maintaining Adobe, Microsoft Sharepoint, CRM tools, and Apple/Mac applications
  • Implementing a new hire onboarding process, as well as an off-boarding process
  • Securing your intellectual property
  • Managing the inventory of IT hardware and software licenses

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