IT Support for Law Firms and Legal Practices

Law firms are entrusted with vast amounts of highly confidential information. Clients rely on your firm to not only make the best use of it, but to have a system in place to properly manage and maintain personal data. Baseline Systems implements the appropriate tools and resources to secure client data and protect confidential information

The saying, ‘time is money’ is especially true in a law firm. Baseline understands the need for IT systems that just work and don’t slow your legal team down. The fast-paced and detail-oriented environment of a legal practice requires current technology solutions that enable lawyers and staff to stay focused on the case, not on an IT issue. Baseline will maintain your IT infrastructure so that your practice can operate efficiently.

Baseline Systems’ Managed IT Solutions for Legal Include:

  • Time stamping, time tracking, and call accounting
  • Billing and accounting
  • Practice management software
  • Calendar sharing and email archiving
  • Client confidentiality
  • Network security and data backup
  • Employee onboarding and off-boarding procedures
  • Dictation and call recording
  • File, case, and document management

No matter the size of your law firm, Baseline Systems provides the most effective IT solutions tailored to meet your business needs, which has a direct impact on the bottom line. Our team of engineers implements, maintains, and manages industry-specific tools that ensure that your practice prospers:

  • Time tracking and practice management software with such as Timeslips and Amicus
  • Litigation databases, such as Summation and Concordance
  • Billing and accounting programs, such as QuickBooks, PeachTree, and Timeslips
  • Integrated access solutions for contacts and calendars
  • Mobility integration for email, calendars, client documentation, and time tracking
  • Document management, electronic fax, and scanning solutions based on your current and future needs and budget
  • Compliance through data retention and email archiving

Baseline enables you focus on what you want to do—working with your clients, running your law firm, and growing your book of business.

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