Managed IT Services for Healthcare

When you spend less time on IT issues, you are able to spend more quality time with your patients and your customers. When your front and back office employees are given the tools and resources to do their jobs effectively and efficiently, your entire practice benefits. Baseline Systems implements, maintains, and monitors IT systems specific to the healthcare and medical fields.

Baseline Systems’ IT Services will Enable Your Team To:

  • Easily access electronic medical records and documents
  • Scan and share patient records, x-rays, and files across multiple offices
  • Access patient records on their mobile devices
  • Have a reliable phone systems that creates efficiencies and a positive experience for incoming callers

Our team of experienced IT professionals can implement solutions based on your unique needs and goals after an in-depth needs analysis, budget review, and planning stage. When this phase is complete, we monitor and maintain the entire infrastructure so your team can continue to focus on what’s most important: your patients.

The Benefits of Our IT Support Solutions Include:

  • Instant access to patient data, electronic billing, images, records
  • HIPAA compliance through electronic storage and protection of patient data
  • Little to no downtime
  • Increased performance and productivity of your employees
  • An improved patient experience through access to all necessary information in real-time

Baseline Systems’ IT Services Include Procuring & Configuring Equipment for:

  • Electronic health and medical records (EHR/EMR) software
  • Scheduling and appointment reminder software
  • Insurance payer and provider software
  • Nurse and doctor on-call notification software

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By focusing on the health of your IT infrastructure, Baseline Systems enables you focus on the health of your company and your patients.