Customized IT Services by Industry

Baseline Systems is not vertical-specific, we provide managed IT services to many different industries and types of companies and organizations because as consultants, we know this enables us to provide more well-rounded advice and recommendations. Our team’s extensive experience, along with our proprietary tools and reporting capabilities, enables us to incorporate the best technology practices into your organization, no matter the industry. Since 2001, we have been providing IT support and guidance to the following industries and have an in-depth understanding of the needs and requirements.


Law firms are entrusted with vast amounts of highly confidential information and need systems in place to manage, archive, and protect data. If the legal team is slowed down due to IT issues, revenue slows down, so the technology just needs to work. Responsive IT support is imperative. Baseline Systems’ Managed IT Services for law firms emphasizes compliance and security.


Investment companies, financial practices, real estate firms, and insurance businesses must follow industry-specific regulations, and a secure and compliant IT infrastructure is imperative. Managed IT Services will provide solutions for data security, document management, password protection, client data encryption, mobility, and potential compliance audits.

Product Development

Engineering, manufacturing, and product development companies must gain competitive advantage and stay ahead of the curve. IT Managed Services can create an environment in which sales, logistics, inventory management, and customer retention operate more efficiently together. Our team provides IT support for order entry, production, CRM, and inventory systems.


Marketing, advertising, PR, communications, and graphic design firms, rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to successfully meet deadlines and complete projects. We understand that revenue is generated as a result of communication and on-time deliverables. IT Managed Services provide solutions for large file sending and storage, timely software updates, and project organization.


Managed IT Services provides the processes and procedures, procurement, volume licensing, and asset management a growing company requires to hire quickly, scale, and open additional locations. With ‘skills augmentation’ – rather than traditional ‘staff augmentation’, our IT engineers complete projects and objectives based on a defined end-result and statement of work.


Years of experience providing IT support and IT managed services to non-profit organizations enables our team of engineers to improve operations and end-user efficiency so that our clients can focus on what is most important – raising awareness and resources for their mission. We provide IT services that make the most of budgets and provide the best return on investment.