Computer Repair

From a simple tune-up to a complete Virtual Reality Gaming PC build, we’ve got you covered. We service all brands from Apple to Zotac!


Tune Up Services

We offer a standard tuneup service that uses 26 cleanup scripts and applications to ensure your computer is cleaned, de-bloated, disinfected, repaired, patched, and optimized!

Guaranteed to even make a brand new computer run quicker! This service is $79.99 and takes on average 24-48 hours to complete.

Computer Repair

For those times when your hard drive has failed on boot up, you get memory errors when trying to email, or your computer blue screens when you least expect it - we’re here to resolve your problems. You won’t find unexpected, expensive repair bills from us. Before we start any repair we will discuss the repair costs versus replacement costs with you so that you can me the right decision.

Personal computer assembling


Computer Sales and Upgrades

We will upgrade your computer with the right parts, not just the parts we happen to have in stock!

We also sell computers and custom build computers to fit your exact needs. A computer for email and web browsing, versus office work, versus video editing, versus gaming all have very different requirements and just buying a “gaming PC” to do video editing may be a mistake. Let us steer you in the right direction for your computer.