Cell Phone Repair

Alongside with our iPhone repairs and iPad repairs, we specialize in many different cell phone repairs. We can fix various problems on your smartphone such as cracked screens, charging ports, batteries, and any other hardware issue. The cell phones we specialize in include, but not limited to, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus Phone, Nokia, LG, Motorola, HTC, and Blackberry.

Our highly qualified technicians are trained and certified to perform various repairs, including water damage, glass and LCD display replacement, and battery replacement services for most smart phones. All repairs are performed using the highest quality parts and backed with a 90-day warranty.

Give us a call today and set up an appointment to get your cell phone repaired by the professionals here at Baseline Systems. Nearby one of our locations and didn’t call ahead? Walk on in! We accept walk-in appointments as well, and average turn around time is basically the same as calling ahead.


Screen Repair

Whether it’s a small crack that’s annoying, or a screen completely obliterated, we can fix it for you in no time at all. We stock parts for popular phones, so repairs are usually made the same day. In the rare case that a part needs to be ordered, we can have it delivered the next day for emergency situations.

Battery Replacements

Is your phone’s battery not holding a charge like it used to? A common sign of a failing phone battery is having to charge it several times throughout the day. Is your phone abnormally hot? The battery could be the culprit. When batteries fail, they can sometimes heat up the device as they are being drained and could even cause fires! If you are experiencing any of these problems, stop by for a free diagnostic checkup on your phone to make sure it’s running its best, and safe to use.

charging smartphone


Internal Repairs

Is your battery fine, but the charging port is loose? Does the music go in and out while plugged in to the headphone jack? Has your camera stopped working, or only takes blurry photos?

All of those are symptoms of parts wearing out inside your phone. The good news is they can usually be replaced inexpensively!