3D Printing Services

Our 3D printers are available to rent on an hourly basis. You can submit your STL files and we will print them in the PLA color of your choice, or we can work with a CAD designer to create your item completely from scratch. 2019 printing prices are $5.00 per hour, plus filament cost. Some example prints are below:


Spaceship Earth

Epcot’s Spaceship Earth is a very straightforward print. It was printed with supports, and has a 20% infill. The print time for this piece is just under 2.5 hours with a total price of $12.50.

Baby Groot

This particular Baby Groot was printed with wood PLA - yes, wood. There are slight changes to be made to print with wood PLA, but it doesn’t affect the quality or speed of the print. This print would cost approximately $11.55 and take less than 2 hours to print.



Double Spiral Vase

Vases are some of the nicest things to come off a 3D printer. It’s almost like they were made to print them! Don’t let the beauty fool you - these prints can take a very long time, driving up the cost.

This particular vase took 16 hours to print, and would cost approximately $80, but this is an extreme example. There are ways to drive the cost down in the print settings.